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North 7580P100 Particulate Cartridge by Honeywell - 2/Pack

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Product Description

North by Honeywell P100 Particulate Filter 2 Pack

Honeywell 7580P100

The 7580P100 has P100 filtration grade designed for environments where there is a risk of inhaling very small particulates that may pose a health hazard, such as during construction or demolition work, in workshops, or in environments with high levels of dust or smoke. For this reason, the 7580P100 cartridge may also be appropriate for individuals who work in laboratories or other settings where there is a risk of exposure to biological or chemical contaminants.

You can attach the North 7580P100 to your half mask or full facepieces. The 7580P100 cartridge will prevent harmful pollutants from entering your body.  

Benefits off the 7581P100:

  • 99.97% filter efficiency for all particulates
  • Low profile with curved top will not catch on pipes or other objects
  • Easy to perform user seal checks, even on the gas and vapor cartridges
  • Fits all North air-purifying respirators