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Honeywell North PA104 Replacement Headband - 10/Pack

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Product Description

PRIMAIR PLUS is a full hood available as coated for occasional splash part of the Honeywell light duty airhoods range designed for use with Powered air respiratory protection as Compact Air 200. This model is semi reusable. It is recommended in working area where protection is required for respiratory organs, face and head against harmful particles, mists, gasses and vapors.

  • The disposable part is made of coated Tyvek to ensure chemical resistance, and is easily replaced by undoing 2 pushbuttons on the side
  • Extremely light and comfortable
  • Headgear and airduct reusable, reduces costs
  • Airduct takes air to the visor, no misting up, no cold air on the wearers head
  • Adjustable bib length Primair Plus : workers select the right length for them