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Western Cullen Hayes WCX Bi-Directional Derail Wheel Crowder

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Product Description

Western-Cullen-Hayes Wheel Crowders are special appliances designed to assist derails in unusual applications such as, location on inside rail curves and on descending grades. Wheel Crowders are mounted to the rail opposite the derail and assist the derail by guiding or "crowding" the wheels of the rolling stock, off the rail as the derail lifts and turns the wheels. Crowders are attached to the derail with a short connecting rod so they operate in unison.

  • wheel crowders are made to fit any of our hinged or sliding derails
  • Crowders come in either left hand or right hand models and are sized for the derails where they are used
  • Wheel crowders are economical alternatives to switch point derails
  • Crowders require no opening of the running rails, no long switch timbers, and no periodic maintenance or adjustment
  • For Location on Inside Rail Curves and on Descending Grades