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Western Cullen Hayes SA-XSF Bi-Directional Spring Assisted Hinge Style Derail with Integral Blue Flag

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Product Description

Western Cullen Hayes Model SA-XS* hinged derail is fabricated from steel, but is longer than the current EBX type derail. The longer design of the SA-XS provides a bi-directional derail with a deflection angle similar to our single direction derails. Deflection angle is critical to the effective function of any derail device. We have added an assist spring and hand grip to the design of the SA-XS to significantly reduce the effort required to apply and remove the derail from the rail. The Model SA-XS is manufactured in sizes to fit today's most popular rail sections. Please contact Western-Cullen-Hayes for more information on all of our derail products. Look to Western-Cullen-Hayes for the latest innovations in Derails, Derail Operators and Railroad Safety Equipment.

  • Designed to significantly reduce the lifting effort required to move the derail on or off the rail
  • Incorporates a hand grip for ease of lifting