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Western Cullen Hayes LP-TSX Bi-Directional Portable Style Derail

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Product Description

Western-Cullen-Hayes Model LP-TSX Portable Derail is uniquely designed to prevent the unauthorized access of rail cars and locomotives, to areas where they could endanger workers or other equipment. Built to accommodate heavy tonnage, the LP-TSX bi- direction derail is available with an optional blue light accessory.

  • Low profile all high strength steel derail, fits all standard "T" rail
  • Can be padlocked. Advisable where permanent derails are not practical.
  • Less than three inches high
  • Light weight - approximately 60 pounds w/o flag
  • Resists sliding - unique, patented design
  • Rugged - fabricated from high strength alloy steel
  • Easy to install - requires no special tools
  • Can be padlocked
  • Equipped with a highly visible warning flag
  • Fits rail 75 to 141 pounds