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Western Cullen Hayes Hayco Shock-Free HH Bumping Post Head

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Product Description

Hayco Shock-Free Head prolongs bumping post life - cuts equipment damage and protects lading The W-C-H Hayco Shock-Free Head (U.S. Patent No. 2,860,582) pays for itself at every installation by prolonging bumping post life, cutting equipment damage at track-ends, and doing its share to decrease claims. This rugged unit takes only about thirty minutes to install, but it can mean the difference between a troublesome and trouble-free track-end. Thousands are proving it every day, around the world.

  • Our Shock-Free Head is a 435 pound cushioning unit which is applied to a raIlroad bumping post after it is in track
  • Slips over the regular bumping post head and is made a part of the post by tightening the six cap screws provided
  • Train impact is absorbed by compressing eight heavy springs which "float" between laminated rubber and fiber shock pads
  • Head compresses 1-5/8" from first coupler contact, the draft gear mechanism in the car comes into operation
  • At normal switching speed, the result is a shock-free final impact, protecting the bumping post, the car and the lading
  • The 12-1/2" extension of the bumping post provided by the Shock-Free Head, provides ample air hose clearance for Piggy-Back cars and buck unloaders
  • Mounts on all wch bumping posts
  • Prolongs the life of bumping posts, and reduces damage claims to equipment