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Western Cullen Hayes WG Rugged Steel Modern Design Bumping Post

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Product Description

Western-Cullen-Hayes Bumping Posts are designed to stop unauthorized movement of a railroad car beyond the rail end and to protect property, personnel, lading and equipment from damage. They also improve operating efficiencies by providing a positive stop against which train crews can switch while operating under standard procedure. The bumping posts, when properly installed at track ends, engage the coupler and draft gear of a moving car and transfer the force of impact to ties, rail and ballast, bringing the car to a safe, sure stop. They are designed to accommodate normal switching speed. Bumping posts are especially valuable in areas needing extra protection such as chemical storage areas, work yards, assembly lines, plant loading and unloading areas, etc.

  • Fits any rail from 5 to 7-1/2 Inches high
  • Exclusive "H" beam compression members for unmatched strength
  • Special designs for every application
  • Easy to install
  • Long life, with minimum maintenance
  • Proven - effective design
  • Modern design rugged all steel
  • Mid-size post for heavy-duty service
  • For Active Track, Where Frequent Striking Face Contact Demands Greater Car Stopping Ability, Also For Active Track Within Buildings, Metropolitan, Flat Switching Yards and TOFC Track-Ends, Installation-Strengthening "Middle Rails" (Not Provided With Bumping Post) Can Be Used With This Post