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Helly Hansen Processing Jacket: Waterproof Mandal Collection Unisex

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Product Description

Splish splash, you were taking a bath - but not on the jobsite. because that would be weird. No, on the jobsite, you might get splashed, but it won't be with the soothing lavender scent of your bubble bath. It'll probably be something gross. Prevent gross soakings with this ~Helly Hansen Men's 70215 900 White Waterproof Mandal Processing Work Jacket. This Helly Hansen jacket meets EN 343 3, 1 European standards for weatherproofing. This means that it has the highest resistance to water penetration, but it's not classified as breathable. But if protection from water is what you're after, this men's jacket will do the trick. It's made with 100% polyester that's been coated with 410 g/m2 PVC. Both the fabric and construction is waterproof, plus it's mildew-resistant for better sanitation and smell. What else will this white jacket do besides keep you dry? The lack of shoulder seams ensures a comfortable fit, while the push button cuffs adjustment make it easy to get the perfect fit. The storm flap gives you even more protection, and the push button closure makes taking this Mandal jacket off a snap so you can make a quick escape from work. Onward, to happy hour.

  • Waterproof fabric and construction
  • Mildew resistant
  • No shoulder seams
  • Storm flap
  • Push button closure
  • Push button adjustments at cuffs