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Helly Hansen Processing Bib: Weatherproof Mandal Collection Unisex

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Product Description

If you're working at a job that involves you getting splashed with water on a regular basis, it doesn't make much sense to just have a waterproof jacket. You need water-resistant pants too! Unless you're some kind of a weirdo who likes wet pants. If that's the case, maybe you shouldn't get these ~Helly Hansen Men's 70525 900 White Waterproof Mandal Processing Work Bib Pants. Since you're still reading, we're assuming that you don't like wet workwear. Well, that's good because these Helly Hansen pants meet EN (European) 343 3, 1 standards for weatherproofing. This means that they have the highest resistance to water penetration, but they're not classified as breathable. But if protection from water is what you're after, these bib pants will do the trick. They're made with 100% polyester that's been coated with 410 g/m2 PVC. Both the fabric and construction are waterproof, plus they're mildew-resistant for better sanitation and smell, which you should appreciate. Dogs and buzzards like bad smells, and we're assuming you're neither of those creatures. What else will these white pants do besides keep you dry? They'll make you happy by being comfortable as well. The elastic at the waist ensures a secure fit, and the push button adjustment at the hem lets you get the correct size. Men's pants just work better when they're dry. Keep them that way with these Helly Hansen Men's 70525 900 White Waterproof Mandal Processing Bib Rain Pants.

  • Waterproof fabric and construction
  • Mildew resistant
  • Inner chest pocket with zipper
  • Adjustable elastic suspenders