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Howard Leight LL-30 Earplugs | Laser Lite Earplugs Corded - Box of 100 Pairs

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Product Description

Howard Leight LL-30

Single-use shouldn't mean single choice. That’s why Howard Leight offers a comprehensive selection of single-use ear plugs that include the comfort features you and your team deserve with the highest SLC80 ratings available.

Economic and Hygienic Choice for Single-Use Situations

The Laser Lite corded ear plugs are an economical choice for work situations requiring a high degree of comfort, frequent changes, or where hygiene presents a problem for re-use. No need to waste time or money cleaning, disinfecting, storing, or maintaining.

You’ll find added convenience, comfort, ease of use, and durability because the LL-30 ear plugs are corded.

Visible, Safe, and Compliant

Vibrant colors make the LL-30 Laser Lite a highly visible ear plug and allows at-a-glance determination of worker compliance. Brightly colored ear plugs make it easier for workers to spot them and grab a pair when needed, while reducing the risk of accidents.

Benefits of the Howard Leight Laser Lite LL-30:

  • Bright colors make the laser lite visible and appealing
  • Soft and spongy foam expands to mold to the shape of virtually every ear
  • Contoured t-shape for easy insertion and removal