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Honeywell Howard Leight LT-30 Laser Trak Metal Detectable Corded Earplug - Box of 100 Pairs

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Product Description

Metal Detectable Ear Plugs by Honeywell

Howard Leight Laser Trak safety ear plugs offer high visual and metal detectability in a single-use earplug. The Honeywell Laser Track’s low-pressure soft and spongy polyurethane foam expands gently inside your ear canal for comfortable long-term wear.

Easy to Put in and Take Out

The Howard Leight Laser Trak corded ear plugs are convenient for as they can be easily hung around the neck when not in use. This can be especially useful if you need to remove and replace your hearing protection frequently.  

You’ll find the LT-30 Laser Trak’s contoured t-shape is easy to handle, comfortable, versatile, and perfect for noise reduction making it a popular choice for workers in need of hearing protection.

Combination Metal Detection and Hearing Protection

The ultimate choice for metal detectable ear plugs, a metal grommet on the earplug aids in metal detection, especially in process industries. These ear plugs are typically used in industries where metal contamination is a concern. The metal component in the ear plugs allows them to be detected by metal detectors to help to ensure they are not accidentally left in the product or environment.

The LT-30 offers excellent hearing protection as well, capable of blocking out noise and protecting your ears from harmful levels of sound.

Benefits of the LT-30 ear plug:

  • Comfortable foam expands to fit virtually every ear
  • Non-ferrous metal grommet and bright colors easily detected by visual and magnetic inspection
  • Added durability as the LT-30’s cord helps reinforce the ear plugs and prevent them from getting lost or damaged
  • Each box has 100 pairs for your convenience