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Orion 4715 Red Waxed Plastic Cap Counter Display Emergency Road Flare - 36 Each

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Product Description

The Orion 4715 15 minute emergency flare is a must have to keep you safe and visible. The emergency flare comes with a plastic cap for defense against damage, ensuring it's ready for use when needed. Easy to use and safe to store, the emergency road flare is a must-have for every driver's safety supplies. Packaged individually for retail sales.

  • No perchlorate (NPC) formulation
  • Highly visible emergency flare attracts attention when help is needed or a vehicle is disabled
  • Easy to use, so you can quickly light the flare and attract attention
  • Safe storage allows you to keep an emergency flare on hand without worry
  • Recommended by state and local police
  • Non-returnable due to hazardous classification