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Falltech 8' FT-X EdgeCore Tie-Back Class 2 Leading Edge Personal SRL-P

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Product Description

  • Innovative EdgeCore™ lifeline is made from Kevlar® cables and a UV-resistant composite jacket, providing extended service life and durability when used in tie-back applications
  • Compact design elevates the SRDs to align optimally with worker motion, increasing both comfort and productivity
  • Features comprehensive fall clearance charts and tables inside the energy absorber cover
  • Internal mechanism design minimizes unintentional lockups to keep you moving freely and productively
  • Suitable for below D-ring tie-off up to five feet and leading edge exposures and hazards, including steel and precast concrete
  • Rated for workers weighing up to 420 pounds, including clothes, tools, gear, etc.
  • Features steel carabiner or snap-hook leg-end connectors with 5,000 lb rated gates for tie-back applications
  • Complies with ANSI Z359.14-2021 Class 2 SRL-P.