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North 7700 Respirator | Honeywell North 7700 Half Mask Reusable - Each

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  • Honeywell North 7580P100 P100 Series Threaded APR Filter
  • Honeywell North 7581P100L N Series Series Combination Filter Respirator Cartridge

Product Description

North 7700 Respirator

The North 7700 is the benchmark in half masks. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, the wide sealing area of the reusable Honeywell North 7700 provides you with the exceptional fit and comfort you deserve.

Designed with construction workers, manufacturing workers, healthcare workers, emergency responders, and other workers in mind, the North 7700 Respirator securely covers the nose and mouth, protecting you from inhaling harmful contaminants that may be present in the air.

The 7700 can help protect you from contaminants such as fumes, dust, and other hazardous substances and particulates that can be harmful to your respiratory system.

The North 7700 series half mask cradle suspension features woven straps providing maximum mobility without sacrificing support. The Honeywell North 7700 Series half mask respirator easily converts to a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) or supplied air.

Benefits of the Honeywell North 7700 Series half mask respirator:

  • Converts to PAPR or supplied air respirator
  • Latex free to reduce the risk of exposure and potential for allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive to this material
  • Lower headstraps stretch and move with you for more comfort without needing to pull on the facepiece
  • Maximum comfort, fit, and performance
  • Upper headstraps have minimum give to provide secure support
  • Various thickness in sealing area for improved comfort and support - more support around the chin area and more flexibility on the nose bridge
  • Wide, contoured sealing area for great fit

Cartridges Not Included. The most commonly used particulate cartridge can be found here: