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Honeywell North HM501T HM500 Series Threaded Fixed Non-Drop-Down Elastomer Half Mask - 12/Pack

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Product Description

The Honeywell North HM500 series half mask is engineered as a lightweight: durable soft half mask with easy operation features. Available in non-drop-down and drop-down versions: to ensure better comfort and convenience for extended wear. The drop-down option allows workers to remove the masks without taking off hard hats: earmuffs or eyewear. Fully compatible with the HM500: Honeywell N-Series filters and cartridges are quick and easy to attach: securely staying in place to give you the confidence that the job will be done safely and productively.

  • The N-Series filters and cartridges are lightweight (20% lighter than the T-series), making it more comfortable to wear during long shifts
  • The cartridges have a low profile and do not intrude into the work zone, enabling the worker to see everything he or she needs to see, even when doing close-up activities
  • Applicable to explosive working environments, including oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, general manufacturing, construction, and welding
  • No matter how small your hands might be, you can achieve an easy user seal check without struggling or using adapters