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Honeywell North 7582P100L N Series Combination Filter Respirator Cartridge - 12 Pairs

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Product Description

These filters and cartridges are compatible with Honeywell North 5400, 5500, 7600, and 7700 reusable respirators. Particulate filters and vapor cartridges are NIOSH-rated and installed in reusable half-mask or full-face respirators to filter out airborne contaminants. They are selected based on the environment and type of respiratory hazards that need to be filtered. They can be changed out when they become dirty or when the type of contaminant changes. Filters and cartridges are compatible with a specific brand and mask model.

  • Regulation - NIOSH certified when used with Honeywell and North facepieces
  • Protects against acid gas and all particulates (99.97% minimum filter efficiency) in a variety of environments
  • Compatible with various Honeywell North Half and Full Face Respirators, including the 5400, 5500, 7600, and 7700 Series