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Western Cullen Hayes A479-50-0102 Highway Crossing Signal - Sold By Each

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Product Description

The majority of flashing light highway crossing signal installations require two flashing light signals with two-way indication; one with a bell and one with a pinnacle, although frequently two bells are used. The Western-Cullen-Hayes A-479 all-aluminum signal assemblies meet most requirements. They come with 4 inch diameter mast, a junction box base having 9-1/2 in x 9-1/2 in anchor bolt spacing and reflective sheet type crossing signs on sheet aluminum. Our 0333 type crossing bell is usually supplied but special bells are also available. Lexan roundels having a variety of horizontal spreads and downward deflections are available.

  • Flashing Light Highway Crossing Signal complete; two-way indication
  • But with pinnacle in place of bell and without Track Sign