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Pintsch Tiefenbach 2N59-1R-200-45 Double Wheel Sensor - Sold By Each

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Product Description

Sensor Data

Switch mounting: On the inner side of the track. 45 mm below the surface of the track on a new rail typically. Needs to be drilled into rail to mount.

Non-drilled Mounting: Can use the Mounting Claw (023916) and Adapter Plate (050414) to attach to the bottom of the rail to mount sensor. Both parts necessary.

Activation: By the wheel flange passing over the sensor

Rail profiles: 90 RA, 100 RE, 115 RE, 119 RE, 132 RE, 136 RE, 140 RE, 100 RA, 100 ASCE, enquire about others

Diameter of wheel: 300 mm to 1000 mm

Wheel flange sensed: 27.5 mm to 36 mm below the upper surface of the rail Wheel flanges lower than 27.5 mm in height may be detected accurately dependent on speeds and how switching distance on sensor has been set after attachment to rail

Lateral offset of wheel: Up to 50 mm

Traversing speed: £ 37 mph

Rail wear: 18 mm (after 8 mm, the sensor is mounted 9 mm lower, the spacing disk is removed, or when using two-part spacing disks, the upper disk is removed)