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Nolan Low Profile Derail: PD-6 Portable, Left or Right Throw

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  • Nolan Signal Flag "Derail" (Double-Sided) Retro-Reflective, Blue: RF-2D
  • PDF-LP staff

Product Description

NOTE: The "DERAIL" flag and staff are sold separately. Padlock not included.
Derail staff part PDF-LP and "DERAIL" signal flag RF-2D

Derail, Portable – Left-Hand-Low Profile, Rail Size 5" To 7-7/16" (80-141 lb. Rail)

• Better Convenience: Covers broader range of rail sizes from 80 lbs to 141 lbs.
• Lightweight: Each weigh only 42 lbs.
• Easy Installation:Easily fit on the track and require no special tools to install.
• Security: The portable derail, staff, and flag can be padlocked to the rail head to ensure visibility, safety, and security.

• Fabricated from High-Strength Steel
• Will Derail All Rolling Stock Including 6 Axle Mainline Locomotives
• Sits only 2-3/4'' (69.85 mm) Above the Top of Rail Head

Do I need the PD-4 or PD-6?

The PD-4 clamp is designed for rail sizes ranging from 70 to 110 pounds (4-5/8 inches to 6-1/2 inches), while the PD-6 clamp accommodates heavier rails weighing between 80 and 141 pounds (5 inches to 7-7/16 inches).