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3M DBI-SALA 8900299 Rescue Pole - Each

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Product Description

The 3M DBI SALA® Rollgliss Rescue pole is an essential piece of safety gear for construction crews, transportation workers, miners, utilities experts, and oil and gas pros. A telescoping design can extend to over 8.5 ft to aide in assisted-rescue applications when the fallen worker is donning a Self-Rescue detachable descent device. Durable yet lightweight aluminum pole is easy to store and bring along to the job, and stands tough against weather, corrosion and impacts. An aluminum carabiner with a 13/16 in gate opening works together with a capture head and 12 ft tagline to securely hooks into the assisted-rescue ring on the Self-Rescue device providing for a safe, efficient rescue. Safety first When it comes to ensuring a safe workplace, skilled professionals and crew chiefs take every precaution. This premium life-saving telescopic pole is a must-have for jobs that require working at heights above and below ground level. This telescopic pole extends from 2.16 ft to 8.66 ft to reach deep for trapped or suspended workers. Lightweight yet tough Emergency pole for rescue is an important part of any crew's emergency tool bag. It's made with industrial-grade aluminum, giving it incredible strength without the extra weight of other metals. Durable material is corrosion resistant and withstands the bumps, impacts and flying debris that define some of the toughest jobs. Easy connection Telescoping rescue pole extends from four to sixteen feet and is Ideal for use with the Rollgliss R550 rescue and descent device. This emergency safety product has an aluminum carabiner with 13/16 in gate opening that easily attaches a lifeline to a rescue web loop or D-ring. With this device workers can have each other's backs in an instant with this strong yet simple life-saving device.


  • Rescue pole designed for assisted rescue of worker after fall
  • Compact, lightweight aluminum construction built for fast and efficient rescue
  • No special tools or training required
  • Capture head and aluminum carabiner with 0.813 in gate opening
  • Pole adjusts from 2.16 ft to 8.66 ft (0.66 - 2.64 m)
  • 12 ft (3.6 m) Tagline
  • Ideal for use with a self-rescue detachable descent device
  • Carrying bag included