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3M DBI-SALA 2104531 Remote Anchoring System - Each

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Product Description

First-Man-Up remote anchor system with 8 - 16 ft (2.4 - 4.8m) pole, tie-off adaptor and snap hook installation/removal tool for original and new 3, 600 lb hooks, 3 ft (0.9) tie-off adaptor and carrying bag. One of the most common challenges in creating a safe at height working environment is the establishment of a safe anchorage point for attachment of a personal fall arrest system. Often the only approved anchorage points exist overhead, out of reach of workers. The First Man Up Pole System assists in the installation and removal of DBI SALA tie off adaptor anchorage connectors and vertical lifelines where overhead installation is required, and where no access to the anchorage point is available. The system utilizes a telescoping pole and adaptor tool to place and securely anchor a tie off adaptor to an overhead anchorage point. It also incorporates a snap hook connector tool to securely attach a vertical lifeline (or other device) to the tie off adaptor. Setup, installation and removal is quick and easy; the system can be stored in the included carrying bag.


  • Free climb steel structures while maintaining 100% fall protection
  • Installs anchor and lifeline to top of steel structure from the ground
  • Allows user to easily work around obstructions
  • Pole adjusts from 8-16 ft. (2.4-4.8m)
  • 0.9m tie-off adaptor
  • Tie-off adaptor installation/removal tool
  • Snap hook attachment/removal tools for original and 3, 600 lb. gated hooks
  • Carrying bag for easy transport and storage