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Hastings TEL-O-POLE R-30-G Camera Mounting Insulated Hot Stick - Each

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  • Hastings A30413 RAM Cell Phone Cradle - Each

Product Description


  • Modeled after the HASTINGS Tel-O-Pole series, this specially engineered hot stick allows for
    a GoPro™Action Camera (NOT INCLUDED) to be mounted and utilized for quick, easy, and safe inspection of
    and around energized lines, transformers, insulators, poles, buildings, bridges etc.
  • Utility workers can use the camera to wirelessly stream and record live picture and video to the
    ground with any iPhone, tablet or android device campatible with the GoPro Application.
    The hot stick may even allow inspections to be completed without the use of a bucket truck,
    lift, or climbing gear.
  • Lightweight
  • Fiber Glass Stick Tested at 100,000 volts per foot
  • Camera Assembly Tested up to 40,000 volts
  • Extended 30’ / Retracted 63.5”
  • The camera mount adapter can be used in any position and is included with the R-30-G stick.
  • The Clamp Claw Mount, sold seperately, clamps to any hot stick.
  • Camera Light, sold seperately, can be used on Camera Mounting Insulated Stick or
    the Clamp Claw Mount.
  • Smart Phone Mount, sold seperately, has an adjustable strap to fit on most hot sticks.
  • GoPro™Action Camera Not Included