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Honeywell Howard Leight LL-LS4-REFILL Laser-Lite Series Earplug Dispenser - Case of 2000 Pairs

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Product Description

To ensure sufficient stock of suitable hearing protectors is available: Howard leight offers two convenient ways to keep your dispenser full. Choose pre-filled canisters of 400 earplugs: or zip top bags of 200 earplugs to refill the dispenser. Earplug dispensers offer a cost-effective solution to outfitting many workers with hearing protection: saving money while eliminating waste. The canisters are a level 7 blow-molded recyclable plastic: which can be recycled just like a water bottle: making it an economic benefit. To be more environmentally friendly: choose the zip top bag of earplugs: and refill your stock by reusing the canister.

  • Zip top bags of 200 prs per bag (10 bags per case)
  • Canister can be refilled using the zip bags