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Honeywell Howard Leight FF-1-D FirmFit Series Uncorded Earplug - Box of 500 Pairs

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Product Description

Extensive research into earplug preferences revealed that some workers prefer a firm foam earplug. They gain a sense of security from feeling the earplug in their ear and while they like knowing the earplug is there, workers want greater comfort. Independent tests reveal that FirmFit outperforms the leading classic style earplug, providing workers with a more comfortable option. Howard leight by Honeywell earplugs, single use, series: FirmFit, uncorded, 30 dB noise reduction rating, cylindrical, universal, orange plug, PVC foam plug, ANSI S3.19-1974 specifications met, disposable disposable/reusable

  • Significantly softer
  • Exerts less expansion pressure on the earcanal
  • Requires less pressure to roll-down and a slow recovery rate, providing plenty of time to correctly insert in earcanal
  • Provides excellent protection in most medium to high noise environments
  • Distinct "Warning" color makes compliance checks easy