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Honeywell Howard Leight QD30 Quiet Series Corded Earplug - Box of 100 Pairs

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Product Description

The bell-shaped Howard Leight quiet ear plugs are designed with an innovative flared end, giving you extra coverage at the edge of your ear canal, providing a better seal and better protection against noise. A properly fitted ear plug can block out more noise by creating a seal that blocks sound waves from entering the ear canal. This is especially important in situations where there is very loud noise, or when you need to protect your hearing from long-term exposure to loud noise. 

Honeywell D30 Ear Plugs are Easy to Insert and Remove

The specially designed flare of the QD30 ear plugs by Honeywell also provides a gripping point making insertion and removal of the QD30 ear plug easier. This can be especially useful when you need to quickly insert or remove the ear plugs, such as when you are working in a noisy environment and need to put the ear plugs in and take them out frequently. Having a gripping point on the ear plug can also help to prevent the ear plug from slipping out of your hand and getting lost or dirty.

State-of-the-art benefits of the Howard Leight QD30 include:

  • Easy handle and fit due to patented no-roll design
  • Close, comfortable fit in the ear canal thanks to its contoured shape
  • Quick and easy insertion as a result of integrated stem
  • Conveniently supplied in pairs in a practical plastic storage case
  • Corded ear plug can be easily taken out and hung around your neck
  • 100 pairs per box

Additional Details:

  • Earplug Shape: Bell
  • Reusability: Reusable
  • High Visibility: No
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 26
  • Detectable: No
  • Material: Vinyl


Recommended industries include: Agriculture, Construction, Fire, Forestry, Government, Law Enforcement, Light Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities, Welding


What is the noise reduction rating (NRR) for the QD30 earplugs?

The QD30 earplugs have an NRR of 26 decibels, which means they can effectively reduce the intensity of loud noises.

How do I insert and remove the earplugs?

Prior to fitting, examine your earplugs for dirt, damage, or defects. To insert the earplugs, roll them between your fingers to form a narrow cylinder, then gently insert them into your ear canal. To remove the earplugs, gently pull on the cord until the earplugs are free from your ear. The patented no-roll design is easy to handle and fit.

Are the earplugs reusable?

Yes, the QD30 earplugs are designed to be reusable. They should be cleaned and dried using mild soap and warmwater only after each use to ensure maximum effectiveness and longevity. When cared for, reusable earplugs may be used daily for 2 to 4 weeks.

Can the earplugs be worn with other personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Yes, the QD30 earplugs can be worn with other PPE such as earmuffs or helmets-mounted earmuffs.

Are the earplugs comfortable to wear for long periods of time?

Many users find the QD30 earplugs to be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. However, everyone's ears are different, so it's always a good idea to take breaks and give your ears a rest if you start to feel discomfort.