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Gemtor BT-1 6 ft Tower Ladder Bucket Tether- Each

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Product Description

The Tower Ladder Bucket Tether is an adjustable tether for securing firefighters into a Tower Ladder Bucket. The Bucket Tether is designed to be secured to the tower ladder bucket using a girth hitch. A firefighter, while operating inside a bucket, can attach the Bucket Tether to their personal harness. Once attached, the firefighter has greatly decreased their risk of falling. It can be applied to an anchor inside the bucket via a girth hitch. 

  • 1 in polyester sling webbing
  • Breaking strength of 9,800 lbs. 
  • Built-in Energy Absorber 
  • Auto-Locking Aluminum Snap-Hook
  • Adjusts in length from 4-feet to 6-feet.