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Gemtor 557FR PBI/Kevlar Black Lumbar Escape System Bag - Each

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Product Description

A more ergonomically correct way to wear your Petzl EXO escape system. This Patent Pending bag is designed for optimum storage (50 ft of 7.5 mm rope), deployment and comfort. This bag attaches to the waist belt of our 541NYC harness and is compatible with most externally worn harnesses.

  • Horizontal and vertical strap adjustmentAllows reduced width profile for better mobility
  • Balances load of escape system across your back
  • Removable protective flap that covers the anchor hook
  • Unique system to hold hook secure until needed while allowing rapid deployment of the device
  • Fits in area below SCBA cylinder valve and does not interfere with SCBA operation
  • Positions carabiner on descender in close proximity to the sliding D-Ring on our harness for a clean installation
  • Available for 541NYC-L and 541NYC-R harnesses
  • Attachment straps incorporate two levels of security to ensure that bag stays attached to the harness
  • Descender is isolated from rope to avoid abrasion
  • Unique rope packing method ensures smooth exit of the rope from the bag
  • Patent pending