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ENMET ISA-60M-1 Gas Detection System with MRI-5175 Oxygen Sensor Transmitter

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Product Description

The ISA-60M controller with remote MRI-5175 oxygen sensor/transmitter is specifically designed to continuously monitor for oxygen deficiency in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility. Maintaining the quality of breathing air in an MRI room is an important safety consideration. Cryogenic gas used to maintain the magnetic field is highly dangerous if released into an enclosed space. Inert gas can create a hazardous situation by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the breathing air to unsafe levels. The ISA-60M system ensures the safety of the technicians and patients by continuously monitoring and displaying the levels of oxygen in the room and providing audio and visual alarms when there is an unsafe, low level oxygen condition in the area being monitored. The ISA-60M controller can be mounted in the MRI control room and the MRI-5175 sensor/transmitter can be mounted remotely in the area where the MRI unit is actively operating. The ISA-60M is available with up to three channels, allowing for up to three MRI-5175 O2 sensors to be located in separate locations.

  • Continuous monitoring of ambient air in MRI facility
  • Realtime display of oxygen level
  • Long-life oxygen sensor
  • Audio and visual alarms with relays