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SAFEWAZE 022-11035 10 ft Tech Tripod Kit: 65' Material Winch, 65' 3-Way

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Product Description

The 10′ Tech Tripod Kit: 65′ Material Winch, 65′ 3-Way is our premium tripod with multiple configurations to fit a wide variety of work zones. The massive stance adjusts up to 18′ to cover confined space, trenches, bridges, mines, rescue, inspections and more. The unique design allows use in over-edge scenarios such as cliffs or vertical walls. This system is lightweight with quick setup and adjustability and includes a multi-function fall protection device plus winch to raise and lower gear.


  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum construction
  • Quick setup with detent pins for easy height and diameter adjustment
  • Multiple stance configurations fit a variety of work zones, including an over-edge scenario
  • (7) Individual 5,000 lb. anchor points in head unit with a centered 360° captive eye
  • Secure foundation with rubber pads on multi-surface steel feet
  • Equipped with (included):
    -65′ 3-Way system for fall protection
    -65′ Material winch efficiently moves gear
    -(2) Aluminum pulleys
    -(2) Steel carabiners
    -(2) Universal mounting brackets
    -Safety chain and quick link
    -Heavy-duty storage bag with wheels for easy transport, multiple handles, padded shoulder strap and labeled pockets for organization