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Honeywell Miller SG8183-10/60FT SkyGrip Series Horizontal Lifeline Kit - Each

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Product Description

The SkyGrip SG8183-10/60FT uses 2 Miller approved D-Bolt anchors to install a temporary or permanent horizontal lifeline system. The Miller SG8183-10/60FT SkyGrip Wire Rope Lifeline Kit provides a horizontal lifeline system by making proper connections using Miller's approved anchorage connecters. This kit includes a wire rope lifeline and two D-bolt anchors along with an energy absorber, combo-clamp-thimble, and turnbuckle cable. A 5/8'' diameter bolt along with a lock washer and nut is also included in this kit to ensure strong connections.

  • Wire rope and two D-bolt anchors for proper connections
  • Energy absorber, combo-clamp-thimble, turnbuckle and 60 foot cable
  • Bolt and nuts included for firm connections
  • D-bolt anchors are used to provide a temporary or permanent anchorage
  • Firm and reliable connections
  • Includes all the necessary elements for quick installation
  • Corrosion resistant