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Falltech Soft Pack FT Basic 8256LT Energy Absorbing Lanyard

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Product Description

Soft pack energy absorbing lanyards provide a low cost option for those preferring a pack-style lanyard. All soft pack series lanyards are constructed with 100% polyester webbing throughout including UV and abrasion resistant leg web, tear-away energy absorber and Soft Pack cover. Additionally, all lanyards feature forged alloy steel snap and rebar hooks for harness and anchorage connections (except where noted).

  • Traditional pack-style lanyard features soft and flexible external energy absorber
  • Combines economical functionality with compliance quality
  • UV resistant polyester leg webbing and energy absorber cover
  • Includes alloy steel snap hooks for harness attachment and anchorage connection
  • Complies with ANSI Z359.13-2013