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Falltech 5066A1 Premium Choke-On Web Loop Aluminum Swivel Carabiner Tool Tether

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Product Description

FallTech Premium Tool Tethers include essential features such as swiveling carabiners to prevent tethers from twisting and binding. They are a critical link for safely connecting users and their tools. Available in preferred configurations and constructed with durable, yet smaller diameter woven elastic web, they suit most applications up to 15 lb. maximum tool weight. Options feature choke-on loops paired with swivel aluminum carabiners. Other choices include dual-swivel carabiner models.

  • Swivel carabiner provides tangle-free use
  • Aluminum carabiners feature self-closing twist-lock gates
  • Woven elasticated polyester web supports longer-life and reach flexibility compared to tubular web construction
  • Choke-on web loop is ideally suited for tools with existing captive-eye holes