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Hastings TEL-O-POLE Telescopic Shotgun Stick - Each

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Product Description

This part of the Hastings TEL-O-POLE family is a telescopic shotgun hot stick that can collapse for storage & then extend to the length needed. This style of clampstick puts an easy to control hook on the end of an insulated hot stick designed for installing hot-line & grounding clamps. These sticks secure with sure-lock buttons at each joint.


  • Telescopic shotgun sticks can collapse for storage & extend to the length needed
  • All Shotgun Sticks are tested in accordance to ASTMF711
  • Serves both overhead & underground service with various end fittings on -U models
  • The operating mechanism incorporates a sliding hand grip that opens the hook to grasp a clamp eyescrew
  • All insulated parts including the operating rod are outside the main pole, allowing ease of wipe down