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Nolan Rail Skate, Lightweight, Steel, Fabricated: RS-3

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Product Description

Rail Skate, 85-141 lb Rail. Lightweight, Steel, Fabricated. Lightweight, Fabricated from High Strength Steel More Durable Fits rail heads between 2-1/2³ and 3-1/16³ in width (85-141 lb rail sizes) Flared Guide Lugs allows skate side (guide) lugs to pass through misaligned rail section joints Sleek Narrow Design provides a skate that more easily allows wheel tread to mount the toe (or tip) of skate without exact positioning. Prevents flat spots on wheels that can occur as a result of excessive use of hand brakes Can slow moving rail cars, or hold standing rail cars, even when on a slight downgrade Ideal for Flat Switching and Hump Yard Applications Easily handled by one person, yet are tough and durable enough to meet track yard car handling requirements Easy to Apply