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Aldon 4011-03 Double Railroad Wheel Chock for Exposed Rail - Each

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Product Description


Aldon Company is the originator of the replaceable traction spur railroad wheel chock. Since 1955, we have offered high quality railcar wheel chocks. Don’t settle for a knockoff chock.

All steel construction railcar wheel chocks with replaceable rail biting spur for securing freight cars and locomotives on exposed track. The traction spur can be rotated to a new edge or replaced when dulled for increased product life.

  • Works on all train rails from 75lb/yd to 141lb/yd and wheel diameters 28" - 44".
  • Handle length: 12"
  • For exposed rail

Double Chocks

Always use tarp strap (supplied with chock) to draw chocks against wheel.
Replace strap if missing.


Safe Use of Product


  1. For use on railroad car or locomotive wheels 28"-44". Do not use on smaller or larger diameter or on other types of wheels.
  2. For rail sizes 75 to 141 lbs./yd.
  3. Set brake before installing chock. Chock alone may not hold car in place.
  4. Use 2 chocks per car being chocked.
  5. DO NOT install chocks while car is moving.
  6. Rail surface must be clean. Do not install this product on oily or greasy rail - product may slip.
  7. Spurs are important in holding chock to rail. Rotate spur when edge becomes dull. Replace spurs when necessary. Dull or missing spurs may cause chocks to slip.
  8. Do not use chocks on grades. If your track has a dip or a hollow, extra care must be taken to secure car.
  9. Chocks may not hold if rail car is lifted up at one end.
  10. Excessive vibration may cause a chock to slip.
  11. Keep fingers and hands away from car wheel. Watch your head!
  12. On double chocks, always use tarp strap (supplied with chocks) to draw chocks tight.