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Honeywell North 719009N99 7190 Series Particulate Replacement Filter - 24/Pack

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Product Description

The 7190 half mask is an innovative design that never goes out of style. The unique coaxial valve system channels air to the worker for maximum filtration use and ease of breathing. The low profile is specifically designed to fit under welding helmets.

  • Patented coaxial valving system to make it the coolest
  • Low-maintenance
  • Patented process helps avoid the uncomfortable build-up of heat and moisture common in disposables
  • Designed for welding, as the swept-back profile fits easily under a welding helmet
  • Can also be used for many applications with solid particulates and non-oil based aerosols if the hazard ration is less than 10
  • Provides maximum filtration and ease of breathing
  • Provides protection against airborne particulates and welding flash