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Western Cullen Hayes W-C-H Burro Light Weight Rail Tongs - Heat Treated Alloy Steel

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W-C-H Burro Light Weight Rail Tongs
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Product Description

Burro Rail Tongs are used on cranes for rail handling projects. The illustration indicates the operation of Burro Rail Tongs. The jaw handles have a comparatively small spread whether the tongs are opened or closed. This facilitates lifting rail close to car sides and is due to the sliding link design. Jaws will open sufficiently to grip rail by the base. They will lift any 39 foot Standard "T" rail section up to and including 155 lb. rail by either the head or base. Not recommended for girder or crane rail. No adjustments are necessary to handle various sizes of rail. Tongs are designed for lifting, not dragging. The antiĀ­slip feature of the tongs is due to the sliding toggle action of the links when a rail is lifted. In this way the angularity of the toggle links is never less than 90 degrees with respect to each other.

  • A.R.E.A. Type design
  • Lifting Capacity - maximum 3 Tons
  • Easy operation
  • Anti-Slip Design
  • Jaw Spread 6-3/4 Inch