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Arnold AC Electric Two-Wheel Hopper Gate Opener AC3PH3HPFL

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Now: $16,950.00
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Product Description

The AC Electric Two-Wheel Hopper Gate Opener provides enough torque to open even the toughest railcar hopper gates. Multiple power options are available in our family of railcar openers, but with safety in mind, the AC Electric Two-Wheel Hopper Gate Opener is designed with only explosion proof motors.

With multiple motor options and unit configurations, this popular unit is the perfect combination of power and mobility built to order based on your specific needs. The use of continuous torque provides significant power in a very controllable manner. With a lower noise level and the option to incorporate powered vertical lift and powered side-shifting wheels, operators are removed from any unnecessary strain. This unit prevents operator injuries and increases unloading speed on site.

• Prevents operator injury
• Increases unloading speed
• Single-person operation
• Smooth, continuous torque
• Low maintenance cost
• Low maximum noise: 85 Dba

• Multiple electric power options 1PH or 3PH, 110 – 575 Volt
• Explosion proof motor – CLASS I, GROUPS C & D; CLASS II, GROUPS F & G
• Options include powered lift and powered side shifting wheels (as shown)
• 6” – 20” vertical height adjustment
• Stabilizer bar for torque suppression
• Durable Powder Coat – Safety yellow
• Dimensions:

o Without Side Shift – 30”W (53” torque bar at ground level) x 28” x 42”H
o With Side Shift – 51”W (53” torque bar at ground level) x 28” x 42”H