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MSA Latchways 30914-00 Vertical Ladder Kit with Extension Post

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Product Description

MSA Latchways Vertical Ladder System Kits provide an easy-to-install solution when fall protection is necessary for climbing activities on fixed ladders. A vertical lifeline allows movement up and down the entire height of the line, eliminating the need to disconnect and find new tie-off points while ascending or descending a ladder. In the event of a fall, the climbing device automatically engages the vertical lifeline and locks, arresting the fall and potentially saving a life.
These vertical ladder kits come in multiple lengths for different ladder heights, can be adapted to various rung shapes and sizes and must be used in conjunction with an approved climbing device like the LadderLatch.

Extension Posts are necessary for ladders where the the top rung does not give the necessary clearance required to step on to the surface area. The user will need additional height for the fixed ladder in order to step onto the surface area and detach properly.
  • Available in varying heights
  • The Latchways LadderLatch is SOLD SEPARATELY